Fridge Magnets of all Cambridge University colleges, Ely, Grantchester, Cumbria, Derbyshire, Sussex, Norfolk Cambridge Art logo Fridge Magnets from paintings of Cambridgeshire, London, Richmond upon Thames, Lake District, Peak District, Isle of Wight, East Anglia
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Cambridge Art
Ceramic Fridge Magnets
Ceramic Fridge Magnets
Cambridge Art
Acrylic Fridge Magnets
Acrylic Fridge Magnets
Cambridge Art
Wooden Fridge Magnets
Wooden Fridge Magnets

Ceramic Fridge Magnets

Ceramic fridge magnets measure 6x6cm. The line drawing designs are dark blue on white and feature the following 5 views: the Backs at King's College, King's Parade, Queens' College, the Bridge of Sighs and Trinity Street. I can also get them in black and white for large orders. The colour designs feature six colleges along the Backs from a new pen & watercolour painting, and fit together to form a panorama.

Please email for more information if you would like to buy in bulk or wholesale.

 Acrylic Fridge Magnets

I have 4 sizes of acrylic fridge magnets:
  • Regular 70x45mm
  • Square 58x58mm
  • Jumbo 90x60mm
  • Panoramic 140x45mm
The dimensions refer to the image size; the items are about 5mm larger including the acrylic border.
All 250 paintings on this website are available as regular and jumbo fridge magnets. Many other designs are also available, a selection of which is shown below. Click here for London Fridge Magnets.

Please e-mail if you are interested in stocking fridge magnets in your shop or buying in bulk. For large orders the designs of the fridge magnets can be adapted to incorporate your logo or text.

fridge magnet of union jack composed of Cambridge images
fridge magnet of Cambridge
fridge magnet of Cambridge
fridge magnet of Trinity, Christs, Kings, Pembroke, Emmanuel and Downing Colleges, Cambridge
fridge magnet of Christs, Jesus, Sidney Sussex, Peterhouse, Corpus Christi and Pembroke Colleges, Cambridge
fridge magnet of popular Cambridge views
fridge magnet of duke and duchess of Cambridge
fridge magnet of all the Cambridge colleges
fridge magnet of drawings of popular Cambridge views
fridge magnet of The Backs in Cambridge
fridge magnet of Newnham, Girton, Hughes Hall, Selwyn and Ridley Hall Colleges, Cambridge
fridge magnet of Fitzwilliam, Wolfson, Lucy Cavendish, Murray Edwards, Robinson and Churchill Colleges, Cambridge
fridge magnet of Kings College
fridge magnet of Grantchester, Cambridgeshire
fridge magnet of Cambridgeshire
fridge magnet of London


 Wooden Fridge Magnets

There are three sizes of wooden fridge magnets:
  • small 73x53mm
  • large 97x67mm
  • panoramic 217x52mm
They are made from 3mmm MDF and have a glossy surface. The designs currently available are shown below.

Please e-mail if you are interested in stocking wooden fridge magnets in your shop or buying in bulk. For large orders I can get other designs printed onto wooden fridge magnets and incorporate your logo or text.

Small wooden fridge magnets:

Large wooden fridge magnets:

Panoramic wooden fridge magnet:


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