Colour mugs featuring paintings of Kings and Queens Colleges Cambridge Cambridge Art logo Mugs featuring drawings of St Johns, Queens, Trinity, Kings & Gonville & Caius College
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See the photos below for the 4 designs of mugs. These ceramic mugs have a diameter of 8cm (approx 3") and height 9cm (approx 3½"). They are microwave oven safe. The full colour mugs might eventually fade if put in a dishwasher repeatedly. The black & white and blue & white mugs should not fade in dishwashers.

Please e-mail if you are interested in stocking mugs in your shop or buying in bulk.

Below you can order 6 mugs for UK delivery only. Please list the codes (UJ, KQ, TS, black, blue) of the mugs you want in the box below before pressing the buy button. Delivery and VAT are included in the price.

6 Mugs (UK delivery) £ 72

Cambridge Union Jack Mug (UJ)
The union jack image is composed of many individual paintings of Cambridge.
Cambridge Union Jack mug

Cambridge King's & Queens' Colour Mug (KQ)
An image of King's College on one side and Queens' College on the other.
Kings and Queens Colleges Cambridge mug

Cambridge Trinity Street Colour Mug (TS)
A wraparound panoramic image of Trinity Street, Cambridge, with Trinity College Great Gate on the left and in the distance St John's College on the right
Trinity Street Cambridge mug

Cambridge Line Drawing Mug (black & blue)
This ceramic mug features line drawings of the Bridge of Sighs (St John's), the Gate of Honour (Gonville & Caius), Trinity Great Gate, King's College and the wooden bridge at Queens' College. There is a choice of black (shown) and dark blue drawings. There is one mug design - the photos show it from different angles.
Kings, Queens, Trinity, St Johns and Gonville and Caius College Cambridge mug

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